Pubic hair can be itchy due to an infection or an allergy. It is quite bothersome to have itchy pubic hair because it causes irritation and it is quite embarrassing, it can occur as a reaction to shaving your pubic hair. In most cases, it is not to worry about but if the problem persists it can cause a rash or discoloration in which case you need to consult with a doctor.

Vaginal Itching of Pubic Hair Itchy:

We cannot say that vaginal itching is a normal thing because it can be a symptom of STI or in rare cases, it can be vulvar cancer. Although, it is usually pretty common and caused due to hormonal changes or some kind of skin irritants and even stress can be a reason for vaginal itching. The causes of vaginal itching are;

Pubic Lice of Pubic Hair Itchy:

Pubic lice are also known as ‘CRAB LICE’ which are attached to the pubic hair of a human. these are parasitic infestations found in the genital and pubic areas. They can also be present in other coarse hair areas like eyebrows, legs, armpits, beards, eyelashes, etc.

Pubic lice are most commonly present in adults and are transmitted through sexual contact or by wearing the clothes or using the bedsheet of an infected person. Animals are not the transmitters of pubic lice. Pubic lice cause itchiness in the genital and the pubic area and are one the main reasons for itchy pubic hair or itchy genital area.

Itchy Vagina:

Itching anywhere in the body is a sign of discomfort and when it comes to the vagina it is very disturbing, discomforting, and embarrassing. Itching in the vagina can occur due to stress, infections, or some bacteria. It can also occur as a result of shaving your pubic hair. Most of the time it is not a major concern but if it persists it can be a sign of some serious medical issue so a person should right away book an appointment with his doctor. If the itching continues and is unchecked it can be a symptom of STI or even vulvar cancer.

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