Nitrile glove allergies are used generally by those people who can’t use latex gloves due to the antipathetic and non-allergic responses caused by latex gloves. the moment we will talk about nitrile glove allergy possibilities. These are used in homes and workplaces, people use them for drawing purposes and they’re also used to do surgeries. Nitrile mislike is rare, but it’s still possible to be antipathetic to nitrile gloves. These nitrile disinclinations are caused due to accelerators used during the manufacturing process.

In this composition, we will bandy effects of nitrile glove allergy, their causes, and how to avoid them.

What’s Nitrile?

Before talking about the nitrile glove mislikes, we should know what’s nitrile. Nitrile is an emulsion that is leakproof, oilproof, greaseproof, and most importantly chemical resistant and perforation- evidence. Due to these resistance rates of nitrile, it’s used in medical diligence and utmost generally in making nitrile glove allergy.

Are Nitrile gloves latex free?

Yes, nitrile gloves are latex free and are indeed a volition to latex gloves. Latex gloves can beget antipathetic responses due to the latex proteins set up in latex gloves. Nitrile gloves on the other hand are latex-free and nitrile mislikes are veritably rare.

Can a person be antipathetic to nitrile gloves?

disinclinations due to wearing nitrile gloves or nitrile mislike are veritably rare but it’s still possible. However, also he should also be cautious of the substances used to produce the nitrile gloves If a person is antipathetic to latex gloves. utmost generally nitrile gloves disinclinations are due to the accelerators used in their manufacturing.

Causes of nitrile glove allergy:

Though nitrile mislikes aren’t common, contact dermatitis can still do due to the accelerators used during the manufacturing process of these nitrile gloves, these accelerators include chemicals similar to thiurams, dithiocarbamates, and mercaptobenzothiazole. These accelerators may be the cause of an antipathetic response or the forming of a red rash after wearing nitrile gloves.

Contact dermatitis:

Antipathetic contact dermatitis is the most common type of skin antipathetic response analogous to eczema which occurs in people using gloves regularly for work or other reasons. Contact dermatitis is a skin antipathetic response that occurs directly after a touch.


Thiuram is a chemical substance used as an accelerator in nitrile glove manufacturing. utmost people witness nitrile disinclinations due to this substance, 50 of nitrile disinclinations are caused due to thiuram, the known composites of thiuram causing disinclinations and being used as accelerators are

  • Tetramethyl thiuram Disulphide( TMTD)
  • Tetramethyl Thiuram Disulphide( TMTM)
  • Tetraethyl Thiuram Disulfide( TETD)


Dithiocarbamate is another accelerator used in the manufacturing of nitrile gloves. Dithiocarbamate is known to be responsible for causing 30 disinclinations due to nitrile gloves wearing. The known composites of dithiocarbamates causing disinclinations and used as accelerators are

  • Zinc Dibutyl dithiocarbamates( ZDBC)
  • Zinc Diethyl dithiocarbamates( ZDMC)
  • Zinc Diethyl dithiocarbamates( ZDEC)
  • Zinc Penta methylene Dithiocarbamate( ZPMC)
  • Zinc Penta methylene Dithiocarbamate( ZPD)


Mercaptobenzothiazole is also an accelerator used in the manufacture of nitrile gloves. It’s the least responsible substance for causing nitrile disinclinations because there are set up to be held responsible in 1- 5 of the cases. The known composites to beget mislike and are used as accelerators are

  • Zinc Mercaptobenzothiazole( ZMBT)
  • Mercaptobenzothiazole( MBT)
  • Benzo thiazyl Disulphide( MBTS)
  • Zinc Mercaptobenzimidazole( ZMBI)


currently, colorings are being used for dyeing nitrile gloves. various nitrile gloves are veritably popular because they’re used by medical diligence for color coding and other arrangement purposes. The colorings used to color nitrile gloves can also be a reason for nitrile mislike. A recent study shows that the following colorings can beget antipathetic contact dermatitis

  • Color Blue 15( PB15).
  • Orange F2G.
  • Disperse Orange 3.
  • Acid Red 118.
  • Direct Orange 34.
  • Disperse Red 17.
  • Disperse Blue 35.

Why accelerators are used in manufacturing gloves?

Accelerators are used during the manufacturing of nitrile and latex gloves because these accelerators stabilize the raw material which results in the conformation of a strong and elastic glove and also makes it more durable.

Symptoms of a nitrile glove allergy:

Medically speaking the nitrile mislike response is a type 4 mislike response which means it has detention in its response in responding to an allergen. Contact dermatitis occurs as a result and in severe cases, anaphylaxis can also do which is a rare medical condition.

Some common symptoms of nitrile mislike include

1. Hives

Hives are red or white bumps in appearance and they may do in certain corridors but they can also spread through, hives are generally the original symptom of the nitrile mislike. It may appear and vanish contemporaneously; they’re itchy and beget immense pain. A person should wash their hands after taking off nitrile gloves to avoid hives.

2. Cracks

Another symptom may include cracked skin in case of prolonged skin exposure to allergens. Cracked skin can beget becks and stings eventually leading to bleeding and if you work in the medical field also you should get medical attention incontinently in case of cracks.

3. Skin rash and swelling

If hives are dragged also it can affect the conformation of a rush and your hands can get swelled. If you suspect that this lump and rash is being due to the nitrile gloves you’re wearing at your plant also you have to see a croaker as soon as possible. You can also get a rash by wearing nitrile gloves constantly, this type of rash isn’t an antipathetic response and is caused due to disunion and vexation, but if symptoms like hives or difficulty in breathing and swallowing appear incontinently see a croaker.

4. Contact dermatitis

inconvenience contact dermatitis can also be a symptom of nitrile mislike which may include the conformation of pocks, lesions, ulcers, and dry skin. Medical attention is also demanded in these cases.

Some other life-threatening symptoms of nitrile allergy include:

You have to immediately see a doctor or go to an emergency room if you have these symptoms.

Treatment of nitrile gloves allergy:

Treatment of nitrile glove allergy includes both home remedies and pharmaceutical options but first, you have to remove the allergen which means you have to stop using nitrile gloves.

1. Pharmaceutical Treatments:

Pharmaceutical options include both topical and oral treatments but for having a more effective and substantial method you should use the oral method.

  • Topical medications: Topical medications include both ointments and anti-itch creams. Usually, 1% hydrocortisone cream or ointment is recommended to treat nitrile allergy. For hives, calamine lotion can also be used. Irrespective of the treatment you choose apply it for a couple of days as given on the prescription to get a calm and soothing effect.
  • Oral medications: In the case of oral medications, anti-histaminic tablets are usually recommended. If itchiness and allergy are disturbing your sleep then you should take diphenhydramine due to its drowsy effect, if you don’t want the drowsy effect then you can take loratadine tablet orally. Usually, 1 tablet daily is recommended.

There are a variety of oral and topical treatments available, use them as mentioned on their prescriptions or you can also consult your doctor if you have medical issues.

2. Home Remedies:

If you don’t want to take modern medicines and looking for the home remedies available to treat nitrile allergy then the home remedies are as follows:

  • Soaking your hands in water: You can try soaking your hands in cold water for around 15 minutes, it can relieve you from the itching and give a soothing effect, but don’t use any allergic products in the water because it can make the situation worse.
  • Cold Compression: You can try using a cold compression in case of an inflamed area, put the cold compression over the inflamed area for 15 to 30 minutes. Repeat it several times and you will see the effect.
  • Avoid Scratching: Sometimes the hives and blisters are tempting to itch but if you scratch them, they can get worse. Scratching can leave a mark on your skin and if you scratch blisters they can start to bleed. So don’t scratch a simple remedy for allergies.
  • Moisturizing your skin: Moisturizing your skin can help you relieve the symptoms and also help in regenerating skin cells; it also helps to fight off infections. Keep your skin moisturized if you have a nitrile allergy.

Preventions for nitrile glove allergy:

You can do some prevention to avoid nitrile allergy. These preventions include:

  1.  If the cause of allergy is not determined, use other gloves like vinyl or neoprene.
  2.  If you are allergic to the accelerator material used in production, use acceleration-free gloves.
  3. If the glove’s dye is the problem, try using white nitrile gloves.
  4.  Regularly wash your hands before and after using nitrile gloves.
  5. If you use nitrile gloves for a long time, use cotton liners.
  6.  Powder-free gloves are also available for avoiding allergies.


Allergies due to nitrile gloves are rare and don’t happen often, if you experience nitrile allergy then it may be due to the accelerators used in manufacturing, use accelerator-free gloves instead. If the dye used in gloves is the problem, use white gloves. A rash can also appear if you wear gloves for a long time. If you are suffering from life-threatening symptoms then immediately see your doctor. Ultimately if you can’t determine which substance in the glove is causing allergy, avoid using nitrile glove allergy and try using vinyl or neoprene gloves.

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