Everyone wants to look good. But only a few lucky people do it without difficulty. Age-related changes, aesthetic phlebology, various disorders of the deep veins, chronic diseases, and many other factors lead to the fact that the vascular pattern intensifies on the skin of the face and legs.

Yes, it does not just intensify, but blooms, coloring your skin in ugly burgundy-bluish tones. On the shins, clusters of small vessels can even form almost black spots. You won’t be able to fix the problem on your own. No, even the most expensive cosmetics will not help, the pathology must be treated.

To do this, we invite you to visit us at the Baltic Vein Clinic. Experienced phlebologists are able to restore your beauty by permanently eliminating cosmetic defects. Small vessels on the face and legs can also be closed by our dermatologists. Most often, this will require a one – single visit to the clinic.

  1. Methods of Aesthetic Phlebology
  2. Sclerotherapy of Aesthetic Phlebology
  3. Transcutaneous Laser Therapy of Aesthetic Phlebology
  4. With the help of the IPL System
  5. Thermocoagulation of Aesthetic Phlebology
  6. Elimination of Skin Pigmentation

1. Methods of Aesthetic Phlebology

The Baltic Vein Clinic uses equipment from the world’s best manufacturers. This allows you to achieve excellent results in aesthetic phlebology. You can eliminate cosmetic defects in the following ways:

  • Sclerotherapy.
  • Transcutaneous laser therapy.
  • With the help of the IPL system.
  • Thermocoagulation.

2. Sclerotherapy of Aesthetic Phlebology

Sclerotherapy with foam and liquid technique If the stem veins are healthy, and only the lateral branches are damaged or the reticulum of small capillaries interferes with the visual point of view, it can be eliminated within a couple of tens of minutes by applying sclerotherapy.

A special medication is injected into the meshwork of the veins, which chemically acts on the wall of the vein, and the vein disappears. Depending on the diameter of the damaged vein, a sclerosant is used both in the form of foam and in the form of a liquid.

Attention! Sclerotherapy is not analogous to biological glue for veins. When biological vein glue (VenaSeal) is applied, the vein is strongly compressed and stuck together. The effect is instant. In turn, sclerotherapy chemically attacks the inner layer of the vein, causing the vein to temporarily close.

There is a myth that after sclerotherapy, the damaged vein recovers again after some time. He is wrong, this vessel can no longer be restored, but, of course, other diseased veins can form during life.

3. Transcutaneous Laser Therapy of Aesthetic Phlebology

The term transcutaneous means exposure through the skin. Baltic doctors use lasers for this purpose:

  • LumenisNd/Yag (1064 nm).
  • Wavelight MALDON Nd/Yag (1064 nm).
  • Diode laser Dornier (980 nm).
  • Diode laser Eufoton (808 nm).
  • Pulsed liquid dye laser Vbeam™ Perfecta (595 nm).
  • Equipment Lumenis M22 with IPL and Nd/Yag laser.
  • Alma LasersHarmony®XL platform with several modern laser technologies combined.
  • Wavelight KTP laser (532 nm).

The principle of transcutaneous laser therapy is the effect of high temperature on the vessel, which contributes to its closure and disappearance. The procedure does not require anesthesia, cold applications are sufficient during and after the procedure. Advantages of the procedure:

  • Lack of anesthesia.
  • The treatment is carried out in one session.

After transcutaneous laser therapy, edema, peeling, and crusts may form on the skin. Therefore, after the procedure, it is recommended to avoid aggressive cosmetic effects on the skin.

4. With the help of the IPL System 

Intensive Pulse Light or IPL involves the removal of cosmetic defects using intense pulsed light. For this technique, doctors in Riga use the equipment of the international company Lumenis LTD, the world’s leading manufacturer of medical equipment for laser and phototherapy. LumenisQuantum IPL SR (560nm) + Nd / Yag (1064 nm), Lumenis M22.

A wide band of intensely pulsating light easily closes small vessels. The IPL system is actively used not only in aesthetic phlebology but also in cosmetology. According to this technique, photorejuvenation is carried out. But it may take several sessions.

5. Thermocoagulation of Aesthetic Phlebology

The method is absolutely revolutionary. For patients it has undeniable advantages:

  • Simple, fast, no anesthesia.
  • The only impact is enough for the dilated vessels to disappear without a trace.
  • Suitable for any skin, unlike other procedures that are not used for people who are too dark.

Has no negative side effects. It is performed using a special device – a thermocoagulation. The duration of the procedure does not exceed a quarter of an hour.

6. Elimination of Skin Pigmentation

But not only the vascular network can spoil the appearance. With venous insufficiency, as well as after minimally invasive interventions, noticeable pigmentation may appear on the skin. Phlebologists – aesthetes of our clinic are able to remove such spots with a laser using Wevelight Sinon Rubīna Q-Swich. Small blood vessels, and their elimination.

As you can see, it is not at all necessary to have complexes about red spots on the face or ugly shins. The Baltic Vein Clinic successfully copes with any vascular defects at low prices. And it does it quickly and efficiently. Come, we will not disappoint you.


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