Much safer solid state Nd:YAG lasers first became available in the 1990s. Its invisible mid-infrared light is 10 to 15 times better absorbed by water in the skin than the CO2 lasers. Because this laser energy is so well absorbed it instantly and precisely vaporizes skin and tissue so surrounding tissue is not affected.

Because it does not burn the skin it is often called a “cold laser”. The pain and side effects are greatly reduced and the precision and control is significantly enhanced and only a few microns of tissue are removed at each laser pass. The healing takes only one week so the procedure is suitable for active patients who cannot afford a long down time.

The procedure is perfect for patients who had facial skin resurfaced by other methods and want to improve their skin further, or who are satisfied with the results but want to resurface delicate skin surfaces like the neck or the back of the hands that cannot be treated with other methods.

It is safe for treatment of patients with darker skin color (native Americans, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc.). Er:YAG laser resurfacing for wrinkles or scars is much deeper than superficial laser peel and may require two to three treatments six weeks apart. Up to seven days may be required for healing.

Highest Laser Power for More Effective Treatments

Can you still remember what your skin looked like before the sun damaged your skin and the wrinkles appeared? Imagine a smooth, glowing and problem free skin that does not need any foundation or concealer. Imagine having a tight, evenly toned and wrinkle free young looking skin.

If you have deep wrinkles and sagging skin we can drastically improve and reduce both of these conditions. You can look ten to fifteen years younger and have those results last for several years.

We can remove your moles, skin lesions, age-spots and pigment freckles by doing a skin laser resurfacing with our state-of-the-art laser systems.

Laser resurfacing is an effective treatment for the removal of wrinkles, scarring, freckles, age spots and skin lesions. Augmented by a skin laxity treatment it offers a “better than surgery” skin rejuvenation and tightening solution.

Nd: YAG Laser

  • Removes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Significantly improves medium to deep wrinkles
  • Removes and reduces acne and all forms of scarring
  • Removes warts, moles, and pigmented lesions
  • Removes age-spots and sun-spots, freckles
  • Improves skin texture and tone
  • Causes significant skin tightening
  • Improves your complexion
  • Reduces Stretch Marks
  • Rejuvenates the collagen

Nd: YAG laser accomplishes dramatic and amazing results by vaporizing superficial damaged skin cells and allowing remaining collagen to become thicker and healthier.

As a result, fine wrinkles can be completely removed and deep wrinkles and acne scars can be significantly reduced. The laser treatment will also tighten your skin, smooth the skin texture, improve your complexion and remove pigmented areas.

To understand why the laser treatment works you must understand the physics of your wrinkles and scars. Because Wrinkles and acne scars are lower than the surrounding skin, the light casts shadows which make them visible.

Laser resurfacing works because it makes the wrinkles and scars less visible by vaporizing the surrounding skin and by stimulating collagen production, which plumps up the skin in next few months. The new collagen provides the padding for the skin resulting in much younger appearance.

Our state-of-the-art laser system is the best solution for mild to moderate sun damage and wrinkled or acne scarred skin. It improves the texture, tone, and pigmentation of your skin with little downtime. The desired results are obtained by treating only certain areas allowing “bridges” among untreated ones.

To achieve results comparable to the deep resurfacing, the treatment is repeated three times every two every 2 months. Downtime after the procedure is approximately three to five days. Patients experience a mild sunburn sensation followed by a minimal discomfort after the treatment.

The skin will have a pink tone for up to 7 days. Treated area will look like bad sunburn for the firs three days. We recommend on Thursday night and being off work until Monday.

As the skin begins to heal all patients are very happy with immediately visible skin surface. In many cases patients look 7 to 10 years younger. Since it takes time for new collagen to form, major improvements of the texture and quality of the skin will take 6 to 12 months after treatment.

The CO2 Vs Nd: YAG Controversy

As a patient, you should be aware, there is a controversy among skin laser surgeons regarding the relative merits of these two very different technologies. CO2 advocates claim their device is more effective for aged patients with severe sun damage and that CO2 will cause contraction of collagen fibers.

On the opposite side of the debate, it is said that final results will be similar in expert hands but with a lower risk of complications for ERBIUM patients. Concerning collagen contraction, we should not confuse thermal effect on protein structure with the formation of new collagen that seems quite similar according to recent studies.

Many experts find Er:YAG laser superior for delicate skin sculpting because it allows a very specific ablation of this skin component. (Acne scars, for example). (2011 update: CO2 laser has fallen out of favor in the medical community for cosmetic applications and very few of my colleagues are still them. Bottom line: Er:YAG is much safer than CO2 and patients heal much faster after the treatment.

Our long-pulsed 1064nm Nd:YAG laser is FDA approved for 10 applications (for laser information visit:

Skin resurfacing with Er:YAG laser is a very safe and effective treatment. Many patients fear invasive medical procedures or cannot afford the luxury of two to seven days of downtime following the treatment. Don’t be concerned about the cost and the results of this procedure. All of our patients are very satisfied and feel that the investment is worth the money they spent.