Red spots (Cherry Angiomas) are usually medically insignificant but may be cosmetically bothersome. Cherry angiomas are very common, ranging from barely visible pinpoint size up to several millimeters, and they tend to increase in number and size in time.

Nd:YAG 1064nm laser treatment of these red skin spots is very rapid and achieves excellent results eliminating these lesions.

Laser treatment usually permanently eliminates the lesion. Although over time new red skin spots tend to form in new locations, they usually take several years or more to grow large enough to become very visible. These new red spots can also be eliminated with a laser treatment.

Immediately after the laser treatment Cherry Angioma usually becomes less red, and may form a small crust or scab which falls away after a few days.

Large numbers of red spots can be treated in a short period of time, and discomfort from this treatment is minimal and well tolerated. Cherry angiomas are most common on the chest, the abdomen and the arms, but they may occur anywhere.