Larry De St. Jeor, M.D. was born and raised in Orem, Utah and attended the University of Utah for his undergraduate and medical degrees. He went on to UCLA for an internship in internal medicine and a year of internal medicine residency.

After being an emergency physician for two years, he returned to UCLA to study diagnostic radiology. After residency, Dr. De St. Jeor completed a fellowship at UCLA in Body CT/cross sectional imaging and ultrasound and special procedures/interventional radiology.

Following his fellowship, he brought his wife and young family to Fresno, in 1980. Dr. De St. Jeor’s wife is a Fresno native and graduate of Roosevelt High and Fresno State. They enjoy the agriculture and family friendly environment of the Fresno area.

Dr. De St. Jeor and his wife have been married more than 30 years and have two children. Their son is an award winning animator in L.A. Their daughter is married to a pastor in northern California and has given them a grandson and granddaughter.

Undergraduate Education

University of Utah, B.S. Medical Biology

M.D. Degree

University of Utah


  • 1973-1974, Internal Medicine
  • UCLA Center for Health Sciences, Los Angeles, CA
  • Diagnostic Radiology, UCLA Center for Health Sciences, Los Angeles, CA


  • 1979-1980, Computed Tomography, Ultrasonography, Angiography and Special Procedures, UCLA Center for Health Sciences, Los Angeles, CA
  • Certifications & LicensureAmerican Board of Radiology

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