The word Immigration means the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. We can also said that an action where you want to live permanently in that place. On the other hand, the word medical exams mean an examination carried out to determine the physical fitness of an application for a job, life insurance etc. Immigration for medical exams is very important for going outside our country. These provide a lot of opportunities for everyone to improve their life skills. 

Definition of immigration of Medical Exams: 

An immigration medical examination is a routine part of the application process to become a permanent resident of the United States are called immigration of medical exams. 

Example for Immigration of Medical Exams: 

There are a lot of examples of immigration of medical exams but some one are write here for helping to  understand the concept of immigration of medical exams Immigration of medical exams consists on  physical examination, an evaluation (blood test/chest x-rays examination) for tuberculosis, urine test for  gonorrhea and blood test for syphilis. There are all the test are very important part of immigration medical exams. 

Another Name of Immigration Medical Exams: 

There are many names of immigration of Medical Exams but some one are write here. In many countries  we call a immigration of medical exams as a green card. Many people can easily understand these  concept. 

Purpose of Setting Immigration of Medical Exams: 

There are a lot of purpose for setting a immigration of medical exams but some one are write here in  detail. One of the important and special purpose of establishing a immigration of medical exams is  identify applicants with inadmissible health- related condition for the department of state (DOS) and US  citizenship and immigration services (UCSIS). 

What may causes you to fall an immigration medical exams: 

There are a lot of causes and effects which may responsible for falling in immigration medical exams but  some one are going to discuss here : 

  • Infection or communicable diseases that are highly risk for public health. 
  • Failure to represent a proof of vaccination against vaccines preventable illnesses. Physical and mental disorders which causes harmful behavior. 

Substance abuse or addiction.

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