For clarifying the concept of eye Diseases. First, we have to know about the concept of an eye what is eye and its features and components. There are a lot of special components of the eyes which perform different functions at different time. Every function is quite important for see you anything clearly.  As we know that very clearly everything in the world have two sides same as the producer this with eye . If  the function of eye can’t perform a thing equally it’s cause a diseases which we called eye Diseases. So  for clearify this concept we doing work on it . If it doing a work good it’s much betterment for human  beings  

What is eye ? 

 Eye is a important part of sensation which you see a thing easily is called eye . Eye is  important part for human body. 


For example if you want to see some thing like a picture you want to used your eye .  What does means of eye diseases? 

Any thing that effect you eye badly and create a distraction to see some thing not clear called a eye  diseases. 


For example there are a lot of eye diseases but some are write here in detail. Like as glaucoma is a eye  diseases. 

Illustrate a Eye Diseases: 

There are a lot of diseases which affect your eye badly but some one are write here in detail with cause  effect and treatment: 

  • Glaucoma 
  • Refractive Error 
  • Cataract 
  • Uveitis 
  • Age related macular degeneration 
  • Keratoconus 
  • Eye allergies 
  • Sty 


Glaucoma can steadily cause a loss of sight by affecting the optic nerve. Glaucoma increases  intraocular pressure. Glaucoma are chronic or long term and closed angle which is the kind that  occurs suddenly. Glaucoma does not produce it’s symptoms early stages .is called a glaucoma. 

Causes of Glaucoma : 

There are many causes of Glaucoma but some one are write here. There are two kind of Glaucoma  open angle caused by condition like that are chronic or long term and closed angle which is the kind  occurs suddenly. People who are elderly African American and those who have blood relatives who  suffer form the condition are at greatest risk. 


The effects of Glaucoma notice a change in vision changes treatment may stop further vision loss but  it cannot reverse existing vision loss  


Glaucoma is treated with prescription eyedropper. Occasionally laser and surgical procedure may be  employed. Early diagnosis and treatment can helpful for more injury.


Cataracts is a condition that causes a clouding of the lens in the eye . Cataracts are very common at  the age of 8 . Cataracts form when the protein form the lens clumps together and make the lens  cloudy or the lens can change a color into yellow are called cataracts. 


There are a lot of causes of cataracts but some one are mention here. Cataracts may cause a glare  difficult to seeing at night time , double vision and frequently alternation to prescription for eye  glasses. 


The cloudiness show in cataracts effected the sharpness of eye image . Old age, trauma, to the eye ,  diabetes, smoking, alcohol use and excess UV sun exposure all the risk of cantarats. 

Treatment for Cataracts: 

The only cure for Cataracts is surgery. Other supportive measures including strong eye glasses,  magnifying lenses , and anti glare sunglasses can help to manage the condition untill cataracts  interfere with ability to drive or do other necessary everyday activities. In this case , surgery is  necessary to improve and restore vision. 


Uveitis is the inflammation of the middle portion of eye the uvea. Inflammation may be due to viral ,  fungal, bacterial, or parasitic infection . The uvea in rich in blood vessels That supply other part of the  eye essential for vision . 


There are a lot of causes of uveitis but some are write here . Uveitis is serious and it should be  evaluated and treated promptly . Uveitis may cause photophobia. For this reason can seriously  damage a eye . 


It’s seriously damage your eye ball and effects a person badly. 


For infection of uveitis the ophthalmologist may prescribe a antibiotics. Wearing dark glasses help  to minimize this uncomfortable. 


Keratoconus is a condition that destroy vision when the camera of the eye become thinner and more  cone shaped is called a Keratoconus 


The exact cause of keratoconus is unknown.

Effect of keratoconus: 

The condition will make it difficult to focus well and soft contact lenses and glasses will not correct  the problem. Blindness may does not correct the problem. 


Treatment may included a hard contact lenses or corneal transplantation 


There are a lot of many other diseases may effect the eye but don’t discuss here

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