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Bring your entire family: newborn babies, children of all ages, adults and grandparents. Expect to be impressed by an expert comprehensive evaluation of your problems, state-of-the-art diagnosis and proper treatment. Bring a list of your concerns, test results and “googled” information, and be prepared to get educated and to participate in your treatment plan.

At Partners in Health your family’s health is our focus. Family practice is the only medical specialty that provides comprehensive medical care regardless of age, sex or the nature of the illness. Family Practice is unique in that it is concerned with the family as a unit and how the family interactions affect your health. We provide high quality healthcare for the whole family.

Conveniently located in the heart of San Juan Capistrano, our Board Certified physician offers a full spectrum of quality patient care and services to all members of the family, from newborns to the elderly. Dr. Harwer, our Family physician, is trained in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Office Surgery, Psychiatry and Sex and Family Counseling. Dr. Harwer has also over 20 years of experience in Aesthetic Dermatology, and she uses her expertise and state-of-the-art lasers and other equipment to treat most of your cosmetic problems. Partners in Health are serving San Juan Capistrano and the beach communities for almost 20 years!

Our goal is to provide highest quality medical care to all our patients. Our physician practices evidence-based medicine and studies relentlessly to stay up to date.

December 2011 Announcements:

Privia Membership is now available! On December 16, 2011 all our patients received a Guide to Benefits of becoming Previa members. I am implementing a new membership based practice that provides patients with more personal attention, greater convenience and enhanced patient care. Please go to Previa link (www.harwermd-privia.com) on our website to learn about this exciting program.

Laser away nail fungus!

We are proud to announce that this brand new laser treatment is now available to our patients. It is a drug free way to eliminate the fungus and improve the appearance of unsightly, deformed, discolored and thickened fungal toe nails. Let's weak the sandals and open toe shoes again! While few practices in OC that offer this treatment on average $1,200 per session, our economy buster package that consists of two treatments is very affordable at just $600. If additional treatments are required we charge $150/session. Some patients need medical pedicure prior to this treatment, and this procedure is covered by most insurance companies.

X-ray technician:

We are happy to announce that our long time employee Lori White has successfully passed theX-ray technician examination. This is very exciting news, and it allows our first licensed X-ray technician and head nurse Jennifer to have a stress free lunch break.

Opiate Addiction Treatment:

The opiate addiction treatment Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxan) will soon be available in our office. Dr. Harwer just successfully passed all tests and met all requirements that allow her to treat opioid addicted patients (Heroin, Morphine, Vicodine). Our office just notified the Secretary of Human Services and Dr. Harwer will be receiving the official certificate and license to treat by January, 31, 2012. We hope that you are enjoying the pleasant new restroom and freshly remodeled premises. Happy holidays to all our loyal patients and their families!
And remember to watch your caloric intake during this special time of the year.

Top Family Physician!

Big congratulations to Dr. Harwer for being selected by her peers, endorsed by AMA, and named one of the top family doctors in Orange Coast magazine! We are proud of the quality of care she provides!

Electronic Health Records (EHR)!

We are proud to announce our practice successfully upgraded HIPAA compliant Electronic Medical Records system. Our clinic has been using EHR systems since 1997. We stay up to date and we are committed to keeping your health records safe and easily accessible to you the patient. We meet the latest US government requirement for Meaningful Use of HER systems.

What is a Family Physician?

Family Physician is a medical doctor who is trained in the specialty of Family Practice. Like other specialties, Family Physicians complete an extensive three-year residency program in Family Practice after graduating from medical school and obtaining an M.D. diploma to practice medicine. Dr. Harwer M.D. is trained in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Office Surgery, Dermatology, Aesthetic Dermatology, Psychiatry and Family Counseling. Partners in Health office is serving San Juan Capistrano and surrounding communities over 20 years. Family Physician treats the “whole person”.

Our mission is “We treat you like family”.

Our mission is to provide our patients with the best full spectrum acute and chronic healthcare in South Orange County. As the community has grown, so has the demand for quality healthcare services. You will receive patient focused accessible care in a professional setting. Patients of all ages and backgrounds will appreciate the personalized service in the state of art facility. Conveniently located in the downtown of San Juan Capistrano, our board certified physician offers comprehensive patient care to all members of the family from newborns to the elderly.

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