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Laser Hands Rejuvenation

Before and After Laser Hand Treatment

Patient: A) Baseline. B) One month after two treatments fine wrinkles improved

Hands Before and After Laser Treatment

Patient: A) Baseline: note atrophic scar in center of hand. B) One month after third treatment improvements and nearly resolved scar

Laser Hand Treatment Before and After

Patient A) Before first treatment. B) One month after third treatment

Do your hands give away your age?

No part of your body tells the story of your age more readily than your hands. The hands suffer the most abuse and environmental damage, are more exposed to harsh chemicals and usually get much less protection than the rest of your body. Dryness, cracked skin, poor skin texture, age spots, uneven skin tone, visible veins and fine lines and wrinkles combine together to create the general age appearance of your hands. Extrinsic aging of the hands involves alterations in pigmentation, wrinkling, and texture as a result of chronic ultraviolet and environmental exposures. Inherent tissue properties of the skin of the dorsal hand have made it challenging to safely and effectively improve all three parameters of photo-aging with laser treatments.

A person's hands usually reveal the real age

Because the skin on the top of the hands is extremely thin, any level of a loss of fat padding shows very quickly. Take away that cushion and all the structures in your hand show up - the tendons, the bones and the veins. Sun damage also plays a major part in the "aging hand" syndrome. Since your hands are aslmost always routinely ignored when it comes to sunscreen - and they spend a lot of time in the "driver's seat" wrapped around a steering wheel - it's no wonder they start showing your age much earlier than the rest of our body. The natural fat cushion that we are born with begins to lessen in our late twenties and early thirties, and by the time most of us are fifty our hands tell the truth about our age, and many times they actually make us look older than we are!.

Clinically-proven, effective laser hands rejuvenation

Photos below are from a study of laser treatment of aging hands with patients between 47 and 67 years ols. One month after final treatment investigators rated mean improvement at 26%–50% for wrinkles, 51%–75% for pigment, and 26%–50% for texture, and patients rated the same improvement at 26%–50% for wrinkles, 51%–75% for pigment, and slightly higher 51%–75% for texture. Side effects were limited to transient erythema and edema, with no long-term scarring or pigmentary alteration. Ablative fractional resurfacing showed a high degree of improvement after two to three treatments, no negative long term consequences, and it was safe and effective for treatment of all extrinsic hands aging markers.

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